Braided Line Cutter 2.0

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Braided Line Cutter 2.0

- For Cutting Braided Fishing Line, Monofilament, and Flourocarbon -

These cutters are designed to do one thing exceptionally well; cut braided line. These are the last line cutters you will ever need, period.

Meticulously designed and tested for surgical precision, these braided line cutters are the most precise and efficient cutters on the market. The Pitbull Tackle Braided Line Cutter 2.0 was originally designed to be the best braid cutter on the market, earning 10/10 in the Performance Category on Tackle Tour's Review of the product.

Many anglers see any regular pair of line cutting scissors and assume they'll do just fine, but that's just not the case. So many anglers have been plagued by frustration while dealing with braided lines as they have a tendency to kink and fray around each cut, especially in tight areas around knots and connections. Those troubles are a thing of the past as the Pitbull Tackle Braided Line Cutter 2.0 offers unparalleled cutting ability. The serrated edge design was created to slice through braid effortlessly, keeping a clean, fray-less edge on each cut of braid with no tension applied to the line. Gone are the days of your old cutters mashing the braid several times before finally slicing through. The Pitbull Tackle Braided Line Cutter 2.0 requires NO line tension while cutting braid giving you the cleanest and most precise cut the first time. With these braided line cutters you'll be able to produce smooth connections to leaders, swivels, split rings, hooks, lures etc...

All sorts of features have been included with these cutters to create the simplest, most efficient cutting tool on the market. The spring loaded handle allows for smooth repeated cuts while the locking clip lets any angler store the cutters safely and securely. In addition to all of these features these cutters are engineered with high-quality stainless steel which delivers superb corrosion resistance in both freshwater and saltwater.

Version 2.0

The Pitbull Tackle Braided Line Cutter 2.0 offers even more functionality than it's predecessor. The cutting edges and overall design of the cutter remains completely unchanged, but an integrated Monofilament/Flourocarbon Cutter was added at the base of the cutting blades as well as a lanyard attachment for safely securing your cutters. By adding the mono/flouro cutting area on each blade, the longevity of each cutter is greatly increased as repeated cuts with non-braided lines over time will dull the serrated cutting edge and diminish the effectiveness of the blades. The lanyard attachment is also a new addition as it allows any user to secure their cutter to a boat, backpack, line counter, or even themselves.

*NOTE: Never cut any sort of metal wire or cable with these cutters as they can damage the cutting surfaces.

Check Out the Video
Surely with all the claims being made by so many different cutters on the market it is a bit difficult to determine how well each one compares to the other. Go ahead and see for yourself in the video below and watch as the presenter makes effortless cuts using the Pitbull Tackle Braided Line Cutter!

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Pitbull Tackle Cutter Braided Line Cutter 2.0
Use: For Cutting Braided/Traditional Lines
Features: Integrated Mono Cutter
Qty: 1pk


  • 5
    Pitbull line snippers

    Posted by Troy Corgain on Jul 13th 2024

    Best line cutters on the market. Works great on both mono and braid. Would highly recommend these to everyone.

  • 5
    braided line cutter

    Posted by john k on Jul 12th 2024

    I have had a pair of these for a couple of years now. They are the best braided line cutters I have ever used. I saltwater and freshwater fish. I got tired of switching them back and forth so I bought 2 more pairs. Another one for me and one for my son. Thanks Pitbull for producing an excellent product!!!

  • 5
    Pitbull braided line cutter

    Posted by Larry Spurlock on Jun 1st 2024

    By far the best pair of line cutters I have ever used, sharp, reliable, easy to use! Big enough to fit your hand comfortably and small enough to fit in a tool sheath without taking up a ton of room, working on a sportfishing boat on deck tying hundred of knots everyday it’s very important to have reliable tools and these line cutters have proved time and again they can take a beating and keep clipping! from braided line, mono to even steel leader these snips are incredibly versatile!

  • 5

    Posted by John Andersen on May 11th 2024

    I have not had them very long but, so far,, these the very best braid cutters that I have ever used. Only time will tell if that remains to be true!

  • 5
    Too Shelf Cutters

    Posted by Keir Rankin on May 2nd 2024

    10/10. Quality product.

  • 5

    Posted by William McLelland on Mar 17th 2024

    So far, the cutter has worked well. It is lightweight and easy to use. The tool looks and feels very well-made, I would get it again.

  • 5
    Nothing like them

    Posted by Andy Merical on Mar 10th 2024

    I've had every pair of braid cutters I've ever seen. The Braided Line Cutter 2.0 are the best. They cut clean everytime.

  • 5
    Stellar Consumer Service

    Posted by Elaine on Mar 8th 2024

    Beyond high-quality fishing gear I must add that the team provided an exceptional customer experience. Our son and his teenage friends are coming to know this brand at a very personal level.

  • 5

    Posted by Elaine on Mar 7th 2024

    I purchased this item for my son because he said it was a good investment, and boy was he right. It cuts through braid like butter and leaves NO FRAYS. Also cuts mono and fluoro very well as mentioned. The product is high quality and speaks for itself.