Bora Jig: This jig is our top recommendation if you are fishing for Rockfish. The diversity of Rockfish species fishermen have caught on this jig up and down the coast is unmatched to any other jig we offer. This lure can be vertically jigged, dead-drifted, or you can swim it along the bottom. The Bora Jigs all feature our 6X Glow paint on every color and range from 4oz up to 16oz. We tend to fish brighter colors (Chartreuse or Orange) in murky water and then more natural colors in clear water (Brown or White). For fishing deep water the 6X Glow color is a must-have. Try one and you won't be disappointed.

Dead Eye Jig: We love this lure for a variety of species but it has to have a place in the list of our best Rockfish lures. The key to this jig is the flutter it produces as it falls to the bottom, it shimmies and shakes its way down through the water and that action is something Rockfish just cannot resist. Remember to let the jig fall on slack line, if you let it pendulum or fall slowly it will restrict the flutter action you are looking for. For slow drifts on flat-calm days this jig is hard to beat. Our biggest Vermillion Rockfish to date have all been caught on the Tony Tiger and Scrambled Squid colors while big school fish like Black and Olive Rockfish tend to eat the more natural colors like Blue Mackerel and Green Mackerel.

Dead Fall Jig: This lure might be one of the most exciting jigs to fish while drifting for rockfish. The unique V-Shaped underside causes the jig to glide in random directions as it falls to the bottom giving this lure a unique and enticing action. We like to let these jigs hit bottom and do large sweeps with the rod to pull the bait off the bottom and let it glide back down naturally. Lighter colors like Blue Mackerel, Prism Dorado, and White tend to work best in shallow clear water. If you are targeting the true bottomfish species like Copper, China, or Brown Rockfish try throwing Squid, Pink, or Silver Black.

Diamond Jig: Most of us are familiar with these lures and if you have fished them before you know that these are always a dependable jig. It is a super simple design and they just seem to always put fish in the boat. They are fished simply too, straight down to the bottom to let them bang around the rocks and make some noise. The 6X Glow color is usually our go-to but if there are baitfish around (especially anchovies during the summer months) the Chrome jigs really will start to produce. These jigs are also offered from 2oz all the way up to 16oz so finding the right size for your drift is easy.

Hot Tail Swimbait: Everything eats a swimbait, and with four lure sizes and jigheads to match, you can personalize your swimbait presentation to your liking. These swimbaits are made with durable plastic to keep your lure swimming longer than the guy next to you, and with an integrated hook-guide hole in the body you can be sure that your baits will be rigged perfectly straight every time. If we had to pick four colors to always have on hand, they would be Motor Oil, Hot Chili, Hot Squid, and Hot Red Pearl. The brighter colors like Bay Area and Hot Chartreuse work especially well for Cabezon. We could talk colors for days, so to keep a long story short, go with what you think looks good and gain your confidence with that. All of our swimbaits feature a bulky boot tail to maximize vibration and a strong swimming action to slow down the rate of fall, and keep you in the strike zone longer. The 4" and 5" swimbaits are often the most productive sizes for Rockfish, but the 6" can produce some quality bites too.

Killer Jigs: These lures belong on the top of the list for Ling Cod but we had to give these lures an honorable mention for catching Rockfish. The 2oz and 4oz sized jigs can really get big bottomfish species (Coppers, Vermillions, Browns) fired up and biting due to the lures large and realistic profile. The Rootbeer and Motor Oil colors would be our top recommendation for Rockfish but if we had to pick one color it would be Glow.