UV Bucktail Jig

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UV Bucktail Jig

- Loaded with Features and Designed for Excellence -

Our new and improved Pitbull Tackle UV Bucktail Jig offers anglers a premium lure loaded with all sorts of extra features. These jigs have upgraded to a premium 2X hooks which have been proven to be able to land some of the world's toughest fish. Designers at Pitbull Tackle put thought into creating a bucktail jig with wire baitkeepers built right along the hook, a feature incredibly hard to find on bucktail jigs. This allows your plastic swimbait trailer to remain firmly secured to the jig fish after fish. Pairing all of these features with a premium UV-enhanced hand tied skirt our Pitbull Tackle UV Bucktail Jig is the best bucktail jig on the market!

These jigs can be fished many different ways, regardless of whether you are fishing from the shore or from a boat. Designed to mimic a variety of baitfish and other forage items, bucktail jigs have caught a multitude of fish species all over the world. The bait can be fished right out of the package, or a plastic trailer can be added to the back of the jig for additional movement and attraction.

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How To Fish:

Having an array of sizes of these jigs can help you target different fish in different conditions. Larger bucktail jigs can be fished in deep water, or work well when fishing in swifter currents. These bigger jigs imitate anything from large baitfish to squid. Smaller jigs on the other hand can be used in shallow water, and they imitate different types of small forage such as shrimp, crustaceans, or small baitfish. Whether you are fishing the surf with heavier jigs or quiet backwater canals, you cannot go wrong with a Pitbull Tackle Bucktail Jig.

Fishing deep water with a bucktail jig is an excellent strategy to target big fish. Ledges or drop-offs in bays and estuaries is a good place to start, especially areas with current running through. Predator fish will hold to areas near current or structure in an attempt to ambush their prey as it comes down with the current. When fishing in current, a jigging technique can be used by lifting and lowering the rod. Cast up into the current and let the jig fall until your line becomes slack. At that point, begin a slow retrieve by simply pulling/snapping the rod tip upwards to get the jig to bounce, letting the jig fall back to the bottom after each hop. If you are in a boat and drifting in deep water, lower the jig to the bottom and bounce the rod tip as you move, making sure bottom contact is still occurring. Drifting and jigging over rockpiles, docks, or wrecks are also very effective areas to fish.

Bucktail jigs also work well in shallow, rocky areas, or in the surf zone. In white-water areas, small baitfish are usually driven up shallow and close to shore, and the predator fish will follow. Jigging and swimming the jig on a long cast can prove very effective for actively feeding fish. With the streamlined design of the Pitbull Tackle Bucktail Jig the lure can be casted for maximum distance, making sure that the bait reaches the fish and is in the strike zone for as much time as possible.

Regardless of the situation, the Pitbull Tackle Bucktail Jig is a versatile tool to have in the tackle box. Whether you are fishing the West coast, the East coast, or somewhere in between, you cannot go wrong with a bucktail jig for hungry fish.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to