Killer Jig: It's big, it's ugly, and it attracts the biggest Ling Cod on the reef. This lure has been designed to offer incredible swimming action with Twin Tail swimbaits on the back and an oversized squid skirt covering the length of the body. The profile and action combined creates a combo irresistable to hungry Ling Cod. We like to fish these simply by lowering the jig to the bottom and just swimming it along the rocks, the natural current and boat movement are enough to keep the tails swimming and the skirt dancing. The bites oftentimes are subtle so when you feel them grab on the lure really wind down on the fish and drive the hook home on the initial hookset. We recommend the Chartreuse, Rootbeer, and Glow colors to start but you will quickly find that you can trigger bites on most of the available colors.

Hot Tail Swimbaits: Catch fish and have fun doing it. Fishing with swimbaits can lead to some of the best bites of the season due to their realistic profile and swimming action. With a huge amount of colors and sizes to choose from you can personalize your lure presentation any way you want. Swimbaits can be fished vertically and that oftentimes is the most common approach, but we prefer to make long casts and swim the lure low and slow to the bottom. The 6" size is our favorite for targeting Ling Cod but if you are more of a "go big or go home" fisherman try the 8" baits they won't dissapoint. We love to fish Rootbeer, Bay Area, Hot Chovy, and Gold Fish for these fish but find a color that looks good to you and give it a shot.

Bora Jig: This lure belongs on the list for pretty much every species but we definitely couldn't leave it out of the list of lures for Ling Cod. A realistic Octopus/Squid presentation is complemented by extremely bright 6X Glow paint to offer hungry fish an easy-to-find meal. For Ling Cod we like to let this lure hit the bottom, reel up a few cranks, and very lightly dance the rod tip to make the lead jig "swim" up and down right above the bottom. We really appreciate the versatility of the original 4oz, 6oz, and 8oz lures but the larger 12oz and 16oz Bora Jigs feature a large 5" hoochie which really gives the lure a larger presentation for oversized deep-water fish. Brown and 6X Glow are two colors to always have on the boat but Orange can also be a very productive color in certain conditions.

Diamond Jig: These jigs have proven themselves for decades and it still continues to be a top choice for anglers all over the world. Ling Cod hate noise and tend to attack anything that is banging and knocking around the bottom of the ocean and Diamond Jigs do a great job disturbing the peace. A streamlined design lets them sink like a bullet straight to the bottom and from there let the jig do the work for you. We love to fish the 6X Glow jig for Lings but in cold and clear water (especially with some wind) the Chrome Jig becomes extremely productive. These jig are offered in sizes ranging from 2oz up to 16oz so you can be sure that we have a size to match your fishery.

Dead Fall Jig: If you want to try a jig that not many anglers use for Ling Cod we have the lure for you. The Dead Fall Jig has incredible gliding and darting action created from the unique V-Shaped underside. Sweep the rod tip up to pull the bait off the bottom and let the jig glide back to the bottom on slack line, most often the fish will hit on the fall. If the fish are spitting up Octopus, Crab, or Shrimp we like to fish Squid, Tony Tiger, Pink, and 6X Glow Chartreuse. When then fish are hitch-hiking or eating small rockfish we usually choose more realistic colors like Blue Mackerel, Prism Dorado, and Midnight. The bites that happen when fishing hard jigs for Ling Cod are some of the most aggressive and thrilling contacts with fish you will ever encounter.