UV The Killer Jig

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UV The Killer Jig 

- A Specialized Jig Designed for Big Fish -

The Pitbull Tackle Killer Jig is a custom designed, UV-enhanced lure comprised of a skirted jig head with a double tail grub extending out the back. An original design is hard to come by these days, but Pitbull Tackle has created an absolute game changer with The Killer. Originally designed as an inshore halibut jig, fisherman soon realized that the jig worked on more than just the one species. Pitbull Tackle's designers took this information and sought out to improve upon the original design by improving the components and paying close attention to detail.

Pitbull constructed the jig head using a super sharp, super strong black-nickel hook that is certain to handle the meanest of predatory fish. A UV-enhanced hoochie was custom designed to cover the lead jighead, offering incredible life-like action to the lure and an ultra-realistic profile underwater. To see the advantage of UV and Glow Enhancement click here. Behind the head extends a UV-enhanced scampi-style twin tail grub which gives the Killer its swimming action that has proven effective trip after trip. The twin tail grub in combination with the hoochie provides a unique combination of actions and movements in a lure which is rarely seen on the market today. The Pitbull Tackle Killer Jig has been tested all the way down the Pacific Coast and it has proven successful on Halibut, Ling Cod and Rockfish, Seabass, Grouper, and countless other species. One of the great things about this bait is when it sinks down to the depths, you never know what might pull back.

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How To Fish

The Killer Jig was designed to be an effective bait for fishing near and around the bottom. Free-Spool the bait down until it hits bottom and your line has slacked out. Once on the bottom, the bait should be jigged up and down by raising and lowering the rod tip. There are two main jigging techniques for this bait.

Controlled Jigging: One option is to lift the jig off the bottom, and let the jig fall slowly by controlling its decent with the rod tip. This will cause the bait to fall straight down, and gives the angler more of a precise feel. This technique works especially well for jigging dock pilings or other structure where repeated drops in the same small area are crucial. This technique also allows for a more natural action of the twin-tail swimbait and can be an excellent strategy in clear-water situations, especially when the bites are subtle and hard to detect.

Slack Line Jigging: For a more erratic action, letting the bait drop with slack line will cause it to fall in a much more aggressive manner. When falling on slack line, the bait will descend in different directions as it drops. This gives the bait an erratic action, as it combines the kicking of the swimbait tails with a deadly darting action. The faster sinking on slack line will also cause the swimbait tails to kick furiously, adding even more complexity to the presentation. This can be a deadly-effective strategy when targeting aggressive fish or covering larger areas of bottom structure by casting out and jigging the bait back towards the boat.

Hybrid Bottomfish Rig: This method is highly popular among bottomfish anglers up and down the coast. Traditionally, 2-hook shrimp fly rigs with heavy lead weights were the go-to lure for rockfish and ling cod, but anglers sought more out of their gear. Many anglers who were frustrated with catching smaller rockfish species began fishing with swimbaits or larger metal jigs, but oftentimes these lures target only large predators such as ling cod and are far less effective on rockfish. The concept of combining the two rigs then began to take shape. Anglers in California who are restricted to a "two hook limit" on their gear began removing their bottom shrimp fly from their rigs and opted to swap out their heavy lead weights with equally heavy bottomfish jigs. This creates a rig which combines the best of both worlds; a jig on the bottom targets the larger predators such as ling cod while a teaser shrimp fly above targets the more abundant rockfish species. Naturally, the Pitbull Tackle Killer Jig is a perfect option for this rig, offering a large enticing profile but easily fished underneath a shrimp fly. Check out our Pitbull Tackle UV 2-Hook Bucktail Bottom Fish Rigs which were designed with a snap swivel on the bottom of the rig to give the user the ultimate confidence and convenience when swapping out different jigs.

We offer the Pitbull Tackle The Killer in four sizes: 2oz, 4oz, 6oz and 8oz. All come one per pack.

The Killer Jig Lengths (front of head to end of tails)
2oz: 6.75 inches
4oz: 6.75 inches
6oz: 10.5 inches
8oz: 12 inches

*Note: The 8oz Killer includes a rigged stinger treble hook. As new inventory is available the treble hook rigging will be removed and the overall size is 10.5". The 8oz Chartreuse and Glow are rigged this way currently.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Sizes: 4 Sizes (2oz - 8oz)
Colors: 6 UV/Glow Colors
Quantity: 1pk