Albacore Tuna

Tuna Drone: A new twist on a classic lure, these trolling skirts are an essential to have with you when you are chasing Albacore. Visibility is absolutely key when targeting these fish as they are visual feeders looking for an easy meal. All of these trolling skirts feature UV-Enhancement as well as inner Glow-in-the-Dark layers to create a vivid and eye-catching presentation. The streamlined profile and weighted heads are meticulously designed to pull through the water with an erratic jumping action which triggers the fish to react and strike. We have noticed that keeping the trolling spread a consistent color is key. Albacore usually will strike the color that is different than the rest of the trolling spread so keeping the presentation consistent actually allows for more hookups at the same time as the fish can target any lure in the spread and not compete for the same off-colored bait. We recommend darker colors in low-light conditions (Midnight, Jerry Garcia, Petro) and brighter colors in brighter conditions (Zucchini, Mexican Flag, White, Green Dolphin). Put the boat in gear, set the lines back, and hold on.

Doce and Slant Scoop Jet Heads: These troll baits are a great addition to your Albacore arsenal because of their unique head design. The Doce Jet Heads offer a relatively in-line straight troll but the magic is in the chrome head design. The custom-sized holes and chambers cut into the Doce head allows the lure to leave a distinct bubble trail behind it which helps draw fish in from farther away. The Slant Scoop Jet Heads on the other hand offer a unique erratic action compared to the other trolling lures in the lineup. The angled head design will cause the lure to skip and dart in all directions and can really trigger some aggressive strikes on the troll. Try trolling these baits in tandem and see which lure is more productive then switch your spread over to the better choice. If possible try and keep the trolling spread the same color which should help in getting multiple hookups at the same time. Try darker colors in foggy and low-light conditions and brighter colors during the clear and sunny days. That being said you should always have either Zucchini or Mexican Flag in the boat at all times, they seem to get bit no matter the conditions.

Dead Fall Jig: Hard jig fishing for Albacore is a technique rarely used by anglers but can be some of the most fun and exhilarating fishing of the season. If you want to try something different you are going to want to check this out. Most anglers will hook up on the troll and continue looking for more fish to bite the other trolling lures in the spread. When the initial fish gets hooked it oftentimes will fire up the entire school of fish below the boat but that doesn't mean that the school will all come up to eat the troll gear. When the first bite happens drop the Dead Fall Jig right next to the boat and let it fall on slack line. The jig will fall right into the frenzy below and before you know it the drag is screaming and you are hooked up. The Dead Fall Jig has a custom V-Shaped underside which causes the jig to fall in an erratic pattern on its way down to the school of fish. You can even drop down multiple jigs at the same time and get multiple hookups going all at the same time. We actually specifically designed some of these colors to be used for Albacore, try fishing Pink, Midnight, Blue Mack, and White on the drop and see how many fish you can pull up.