Albacore Trolling Rig

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Albacore Trolling Rig

- Industry Standard for Skirted Surface Trolling Lures-

This Pitbull Tackle Albacore Tuna Trolling Rig was designed to be paired with skirted trolling lures. Simply slide on your trolling lure of choice, tie or crimp a swivel to the open end of the rig, and you are ready to fish. This rig features 100lb monofilament line and premium components including stainless steel terminal, line chafing gaurds, and plastic beads used to space the skirt away from the hook to your liking. Rigging is incredibly simple and all the terminal components you need are included in each package. Most often times when trolling for Albacore several rods are being used which can require significant rigging time and energy. Keep it simple and cost effective with our brand-new easy to use trolling rigs.

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How To Rig

Everything you need to complete your Albacore trolling setup is included in each package. The only additional items you need is a trolling skirt and a crimping/swage tool. If you have both of those items you are ready to start rigging.

Once you take all of the components out of the package you will find a pre-tied leader with a hook already attached to 48" of monofilament line. The hook is attached with a crimp and the looped line is protected by a metal spring which acts as a chafe guard (protects your line). The tuna hook is sealed with a piece of black shrimp wrap; this is an added precaution to make sure that there is no chance of the line sliding between the two hook points and unattaching from the fish. The shrink wrap is not necessary but we wanted to give fishermen the option to have it if they prefer that style of rigging.

First, go ahead and start sliding the spacer beads down the line. The beads allow you to space the hook farther back on the trolling skirt to help you avoid short strikes or missed opportunities. Different manufacturers trolling skirts will require different spacing, for our Pitbull Tackle Tuna Drones we suggest using 4 or 5 beads. Next you just simply slide the trolling skirt down the line. Double check that you are happy with the hook spacing and adjust the beads if necessary.

To complete the rig you will now crimp the final loop to the open "tag end" piece of fishing line. There is an extra double-barrel crimp in the package, first slide the line through one of the barrels. Pull enough line through the barrel of the crimp to allow you to slide the additional stainless steel spring over the line and still have about an inch or two of exposed line. Thread one side of the black crane swivel over the spring, then take the exposed line and slide it through the other barrel of the crimping sleeve. This will create your end loop of the rig. Pull the tag end of the monfilament line through the crimp as far as you can so you leave little or no exposed line in the end loop (the loop should be covered completely by the metal spring). At this point the rig is completed, simply attach the fishing line on your rod to the swivel on the end of the rig and you are ready to fish.

Helpful Hint: If you are having trouble sliding the line through the crimp or the spring, take your line cutters and cut the tag end of the line at a 45 degree angle. You don't want to take off too much line and shorten the rig, the new cut can be made just a few millimeters down from the existing end of the line. This 45 degree angle surprisingly helps the line through tight spaces and might help you save some time and frustration.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to