Flex-Baiter Hooks: Trolling Anchovies for Salmon is a tried and true method that consistently works throughout the season. There are a few different options for rigging your bait, but we prefer the Super-Flex Baiter Hook. These baiters feature a custom-made razor sharp hook point and 100% Stainless-Steel construction. What we like about this style of hook is that once you rig your anchovy you can bend and twist the wire inside the anchovy to create that perfect spinning action that those big fish love. The other added benefit is that once that fish is hooked up, the wire acts almost like a shock absorber as the fish rolls and shakes its head. The wire section of the hook will flex and twist with the fish which dramatically increases your chance of netting and landing your catch. Anchovies can be trolled behind pretty much any flasher or rigging setup so the versatility you get trolling with these hooks puts these Super-Flex Baiters right at the top of the list.

Adjustable Sinker Release: In California we troll with all sorts of sinker releases but this adjustable style is our personal favorite. UV-Enhanced tapes and Glow-in-the-Dark eyes on both sides of this release help to add visibility to your trolling spread and catch the attention of fish in the area. Offered in a couple different colors you can create a color-matched trolling presentation to your liking. One huge benefit of this release is the ease of setting and removing your trolling weights, gone are the days of trying to pry open spring releases on cold foggy mornings. Simply slide the weight on and slide the weight off, it doesn't get much easier than that. You can adjust the angle that this release holds and releases your trolling weight by adjusting the snap location on the backside which helps drop the weight on subtle strikes you may have missed before. Constructed of 100% Stainless Steel (even the snap swivels) this release will endure long hours trolling season after season.

Salmon Whistle Flasher: If you want fish to find your bait, put one of these flashers in your trolling spread. These flashers rotate in a 360 degree circle and this action is proven deadly in every Salmon fishery on the West Coast. Whether you want to fish a hoochie, anchovy, or a spoon these flashers really create a lot of action and visibility in your trolling spread. When the water gets dark and murky these flashers really excel, try the brighter red and chartreuse colors. In clear water or when the fish are eating heavily on anchovies, we like to fish the Clear UV and Green colors. When big fish come up to eat the bait behind these Salmon Whistle's you better hold on, the strikes are some of the most aggressive you will find all season.

Cable Baiter Hooks: These are the traditional style trolling hooks that have caught fish for decades and they are still producing. These are 100% Stainless Steel custom-sharpened hooks with crimped Stainless Steel wire. Rig up anchovies with these hooks or use the bigger sizes for trolling herring, these hooks are stout and plenty strong to land even the biggest fish. The cable within these hooks gives the angler a healthy advantage when those fish are thrashing and twisting close to the boat, a few extra seconds of keeping the fish hooked can be the difference of landing or losing the fish of a lifetime. Another big advantage with these hooks is that the pointed metal nose of the hook is really easy to thread through anchovies so for fishermen looking to easily rig baits these are the hooks for you.