Striped Bass

Bucktail Jig: This here is no secret, these jigs catch fish and are at the top of our recommended baits for Stripers. Starting from a very simple design, we refined our jigs to feature extra strong hooks and the perfect combination of bucktail and feathers so that each jig has the perfect action when you swim it through the water. If you like pairing a plastic grub or swimbait with your jigs we added a wire baitkeeper along the hook to keep your trailer fixed in place fish after fish. These jigs work great fished along rocky banks or jetties, they can be pitched and flipped along dock poles and around fallen trees, or they can be fished with a long cast and retrieve in the surf. You can never go wrong fishing Glow, White, or White/Chartreuse.

Hot Tail Swimbaits: Another great option for fishing Striped Bass, it doesn't get more fun than casting and retrieving swimbaits. Our swimbaits have an incredible tail kicking action which is paired with a slight side-to-side body roll as the swimbait is pulled through the water. The combination of the two movements at the same time makes for an irresistible presentation and will result in some very aggressive bites. Sometimes the fish want it fast, sometimes they want it slow, keep varying your retrieve speeds until you find what is working best for the day. We like fishing the 5" swimbaits for bigger fish but in 2021 we will be introducing a 4" size we specifically engineered for Striper fishermen. You can never go wrong with any sort of color combo with white or chartreuse in it, try out our Chartreuse Pepper and a few new colors coming out in 2021.

Live Bait Rigs: We offer a few different versions that work well for Striped Bass, and don't be fooled you can use them for either live bait or dead frozen bait. Having a few of these rigs around is always a good idea, Stripers are aggressive feeders and having some bait in the water is usually a sure-bet to getting a few bites. We offer our bait rigs in a variety of sizes so you can match the rig to the size of bait you are fishing with. If you are fishing in water with any current try targeting areas where the current breaks or slows like around rock jetties or downstream of trees or poles in the water. Usually the fish will rest in the low-flow water and will look for easy meals to pass by them in the current.