Killer Jig: This lure was one of the first baits we came out with and was designed specifically to target Halibut in the Bay Area. The incredible action this lure has with the combination of the twin tail swimbait and plastic hoochie skirt really sets this jig above and beyond just a standard swimbait presentation. The compact profile of the 2oz and 4oz versions are perfectly bite-sized for inshore California Halibut and the 6oz and 8oz sizes are incredibly popular for fishermen targeting the larger Pacific Halibut to the north. Just a simple vertical jigging action is all you need to do to catch fish on this bait. Drop straight to the bottom, lift up a foot or two, and drop back down. To specifically target Halibut try fishing Firetiger, Glow or Orange. Bites on these jigs are really exciting to get and when you have some fish in the area you can really put a lot of fish in the boat.

Dead Eye Jig: This jig belongs on the list for pretty much every species, but we definitely couldn't leave it out of this one. This lure perfectly matches the profile and appearance of natural baitfish to the point where it almost seems like it's cheating. When you find yourself fishing around large schools of Anchovies or smelt try dropping one of these jigs to the bottom. This lure flutters and shakes as it falls to the bottom which perfectly mimics a wounded or dying baitfish. Remember to always try and let these jigs fall on slack line for the best fluttering action. Once the jig hits the bottom snap the rod up to rip the jig up a few feet and let it flutter back down, make the fish react to the bait. When targeting Halibut we like to try and fish the lightest jig we can get away with so we prefer the 2oz and 4oz sizes depending on the current and depth. For Halibut fishing we recommend Black/Silver, Green Mackerel, Scrambled Squid, and 6X Glow.

Bucktail Jig: Trust us, don't miss out on this jig presentation for Halibut. The Bucktail Jig has been catching all sorts of inshore species from coast to coast for generations and it works great for Halibut too. This jig gives the appearance of a baitfish swimming through the water and we have fine-tuned this lure to be perfect for inshore fishing. Make a long cast down the shore, let the jig hit bottom, then start swimming the jig back. You can either pop and shake the rod tip as you retrieve it or you can hop the jig along the bottom. The bucktail material holds the shape of the jig and keeps the profile you want while the feathers and flash skirt material move and flow with the action of the rod tip. This jig works great around jetties and rocks but also does really well making long casts in the surf. Pair this jig with a plastic grub trailer or fish it right out of the package. It is hard to beat the 6X Glow color for Halibut especially in low light conditions, but being able to add whichever color or style trailer you want allows you to customize the jig to your liking.

Halibut Live Bait Rig: Don't go fishing without it. Drifting live bait for Halibut is arguably the most productive way to catch these fish. This rig is pretty self-explanatory all you need to do is tie your main line to the open side of the 3-Way swivel, clip in a weight to the snap on the bottom of the rig, and rig your live bait on the hooks. Don't drop the rig down too fast as sometimes the baitfish can catch on your main line and foul up the whole rig. Let the rig hit the bottom, reel up any slack, and you are fishing. The baitfish struggling on the hook does all the work for you. We have this rig in three different sizes to help match the size of the baitfish you are using, from tiny Anchovies to jumbo Jacksmelt.