UV Dead Fall Jig

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UV Dead Fall Jig

- From Rockfish to Bluefin, this Jig Does It All -

The Pitbull Tackle UV Dead Fall Jigs are a flutter-fall style saltwater jig that appeals to a wide variety of fish. Engineered with a precise baitfish-sized profile with a custom designed keel underside, these baits display a unique gliding action as they fall through the water. The not only shimmy and flutter on the fall but they glide around in all directions on their way down, giving these jigs extremely hard-to-resist movement around hungry fish. The key to fishing these lures effectively is allowing the jig to fall on slack line all the way through the strike zone or to the bottom. With a choice between 4 different sizes and 10 different colors you can be sure to find the right jig for the right job. From open-water Bluefin Tuna fishing to shallow water Rockfish jigging, the Pitbull Tackle Dead Fall Jigs are a must-have in your tackle arsenal.

The Pitbull Tackle Dead Fall Jig displays an array of incredible finishes which include the most sought after patterns as well as some newly-imagined ones. Every jig incorporates UV-enhanced frontside paint which gives the jig the brightest flash on the market. The underside/belly of each jig is finished with our exclusive 6X Glow-in-the-Dark paint. We also offer fully 6X Glow coated jig ideal for night fishing. If you are looking to upgrade your rigging for large pelagic fish, check out our 11/0 Big Game Hook!

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How To Fish

The Pitbull Tackle Dead Fall Jigs may look like an ordinary flat-fall style jig but it is far from it. The unique keel-design on the underside/belly of each jig offers an incredibly unique fall action as it not only will flutter on the fall but will also glide side to side as it descends through the water. With most hard jigs, the action on the fall is the key to triggering a fish to bite. The most important advice that we can offer anyone fishing these jigs is to let the jig fall on slack line. This allows the jig to move and dart and flutter to its fullest potential. If the jig is falling on tight line at the end of a long cast or pressure is applied to the line, the jig will fall straight down and the unique movements of the jig will be lost.

Once the bait reaches the bottom, we recommend using fairly swift/quick jigging motions. When the jig is ripped up off the bottom suddenly and pulled through the water, the jig will actually flutter and pulsate in a tight wobble. This sudden dart off the bottom also tends to trigger bites from fish that may be interested in it as it fell through the water column. Once you have pulled the jig off the bottom put the reel back into free-spool and let the jig flutter and glide back down to the bottom. Most often the fish will bite as the jig is falling back down to the bottom.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Pitbull Tackle UV Dead Fall Jig
Sizes: 4 Sizes (3.5oz - 6.5oz)
Colors: 10 UV/Glow Colors
Quantity: 1pk